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General Terms

The information on this site is copyrighted and parts of this site's functionality may be someone else's property. This means you cannot just up and copy and paste on another public communication medium or use the code available to you as if it belonged to you. If you do use content or other material subject to my approval, you must indicate so together with my site's URL, in a contextually complete manner.

Disclaimer on Third-Party Practices

Your information on this site is relatively safe, but read on

I track your usage to this site on a very casual basis. I may use my hosting provider's usage tracking add-ons. Since my hosting provider and other third parties own the servers and/or software used to host the site, it is not clear to me what they do with your information.

Other Third-party Usage

I use Google Analytics to track usage on a casual basis, but Google does track users personally over many different websites and it's always a good idea to review Google's Privacy Policy.